Do You Want to be a Published Author?

Conducting and presenting research is a large part of your undergraduate experience here at Ohio State, but what do you do after that? Have you considered submitting your research for publication?

JUROS is the Journal for Undergraduate Research at Ohio State. Our organization is a multidisciplinary research journal, and is in place to review and publish quality research performed and submitted by Ohio State’s very own undergraduate student body. We are currently accepting submissions for our online and print editions!

Acceptable material for submission includes the following:

  • Manuscripts (6-35 pages)
  • Feature articles (<6 pages)
  • Images & descriptions of creative projects
  • Research theses (<35 pages)
  • Research abstracts

Publish with us and you will have a permanent, professional citation to your name and get recognition for your hard work!

If you’ve already written about your research or drafted an abstract, consider submitting it to JUROS!

To find out more details about the submission process, read about it on the JUROS website! Feel free to email any questions to!

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