Jobs Available: Ohio At Home Healthcare Agency

Ohio At Home Healthcare Agency currently has a need for home health aides to cover the hours of clients.
The clients in need primarily live directly across the street from the OSU Wexner Medical Center and has a stop on the CLN/CLS routes, making it perfect for OSU class schedules and those who lives in the dorms. Student Safety can also be accessed at this location. 
Supported clients have developmental disabilities ranging from children with autism to adults with paraplegia/quadriplegia. This is a great way for pre-health students to gain patient care experience, but they also hire students studying other disciplines. They have aides who have majors in other areas like music and languages. Ohio At Home believes everyone’s interests and hobbies can benefit the lives of clients. 
There are a range of hours available, including overnight, afternoon and evening shifts. There is particular need for availabilities during the following shifts: 
-Wednesday’s 12am-8am (arriving Tuesday night and leaving at 8am Wednesday morning)
-Wednesday’s 7pm-12am
-Saturday’s 12am-8am (arriving Friday night and leaving at 8am Saturday morning)
-Saturday’s 7pm-12am
To apply, students can email their resume, general availability (Sunday-Saturday), and a small blurb about themselves to and CC
Priority will be given to those who are willing to work one of the mentioned shifts, as well as those who are willing to work over school breaks, whether it be by staying in Columbus or returning for a couple days each week to help out. This should be included in the email as well in order to expedite the interview process.