New Course Spotlight: Chem 5230 – Neurotransmitter Chemistry

dichloropane (RTI-111)
0.8/3.1/18 nM
100x potency of (-)-cocaine
cocaine-like subjective effects in animals

Joy and fear. Anxiety and euphoria. Depression and transcendence. Humans throughout history have sought to alter their own mood and perceptions using substances from outside of the body, and in the 21st century, these processes of neurotransmission have never been better understood. With this knowledge, treatments for debilitating mental illness have been born, yet in spite of this knowledge, many who suffer from addiction continue to die. At the center of this human drama are the chemical structures that modulate natural brain processes, and this course aims to tell their story.

After building a foundation of receptor biochemistry and pharmacological methods, students will explore the structure and chemistry of endogenous molecules, and the discovery and development of the natural and man-made ones that influence them. This course should be interesting to students of various majors, including chemistry, biochemistry, neuroscience, and pharmaceutical sciences.

When: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday  4:10-5:05 PM

Prerequisites: Organic Chemistry Lecture II (CHEM 2520/2620/2920H) & Organic Chemistry Lab I (CHEM 2540)

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