Undergrad Spotlight: Nick Mitchell

Soon to be graduate from The Ohio State University, Nicholas Mitchell, has spent his time at OSU studying biochemistry, researching, joining student organizations, and as we all can imagine, enjoying football season year after year. Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Nicholas didn’t always know that OSU was the school for him. In fact, it wasn’t even on his radar until he visited for the Honor’s day visit. It was then that he realized that Ohio State provided all of the necessary resources and opportunities to propel his future. Out of all the schools Nicholas visited, he believed that OSU had more opportunities for him to be involved, learn, and grow both inside and outside of the classroom.

Nicholas’ favorite class, with his favorite professor, Dr. Callam, was OChem! He believed this class was difficult, but taught him how to think and problem solve on a new level. Currently involved
in undergraduate research with Dr. Jackman, he is studying tRNA maturation pathways in C. elegans. Helping to improve lives and empower people to take control of their health to the best of their abilities is exactly what Nicholas wants to do when he is older. Becoming a physician is his vision!

Nicholas stated his mother inspires him most; “My mom! She owns a roller skating rink in Toledo. She has worked tirelessly to provide me and my 3 siblings with the opportunities and resources to follow our dreams. She also taught me how to work hard, and treat everyone the way that I want to be treated.” What a blessed guy you are, Nicholas!

Staying on the soft side, where’s the best place to relax, reflect and possibly PROPOSE to your now fiancé?! Nicholas has this one more than covered – the amphitheater near Mirror Lake. Congrats to you and the lucky lady! His second favorite spot would have to be Ohio Stadium. If he could travel back to any point in time, it would be the Michigan game this past year in the shoe. “It was nuts”, he said– we can’t disagree!

Are you a soon to be high school graduate considering a major in Chemistry or Biochemistry? Nicholas gives not just one, but two incredible reasons to pursue this dream. “First, it’s interesting! It is such a foundational science, and that makes it very valuable. Secondly, it is a great prep for whatever you do next! Planning on Pre-med? You will take a wealth of classes that prepare you for the MCAT and medical school material. There is also such a large basis for research opportunity. Getting into undergraduate research will open doors for career paths like graduate school, and help point you towards your passions.”

We’ll miss you, Nicholas, best of luck in your bright future!