Teach General Chemistry @ OSU

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry hires over 50 outstanding undergraduates per semester to teach our General Chemistry courses. If you’d like to improve your content knowledge at your job,help students through problems, and get teaching experience, TAing could be for you!

Science is happening!


  • Completed General Chemistry Sequence (1210/1220; 1610/1620; or 1910H/1920H) with an A or A- (preferred)
  • Accumulative GPA > 3.6
  • Taking classes during Autumn 2017
  • No other paid monthly student appointment during Autumn 2017 [this may include paid research]

Appointment Details:

  • Salary: $12/hour
  • Hours: 10-12 per week
  • Duration: Autumn Semester. Spring TAs will be decided based on need and satisfactory performance.
  • Responsibilities: Teach 1-3 hour lab of 25 students; Promptly grade assignments and prepare for teaching responsibilities; 1 weekly office hour; proctor all exams; attend weekly staff meetings.

New TA training will take place Monday, August 14th Monday, August 21st  during business hours Conflicts with training, including TAs who must live on campus,  should be stated on your application and described in detail if possible.  Early University housing fees will be paid by the department, if hired.

Apply online now!  After the submission of your application, the department will reach out to ask you to submit a schedule. Submitting a schedule does not guarantee a position.  All applications, including schedules, are due May 5th, and hiring decisions will be made by early July. Please contact Dr. Moga (moga.5@osu.edu) if you have questions about the application process.