Undergrad Spotlight: Elizabeth Auckley

Lover of Chemistry and History of Art, a swimmer, mentor, and volunteer – third year student, Elizabeth Auckley, hopes to one day become a physician and continue research as part of her career. She finds extreme interest in internal medicine, and potentially the value of arts in medical environments– best of luck, Elizabeth!
Elizabeth isn’t satisfied with just her schoolwork to keep her busy, she is also on the Varsity Swim Team, an Honors Arts and Sciences Peer Mentor, an Undergraduate Research Office Peer Research Contact, as well as Honors Collegium (Pre-Health group leader). But that’s not all! Throughout her busy schedule, she finds the time to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House Charity in Columbus, as well as volunteer for art therapy and leader of science therapy with Kya’s Krusade. It’s safe to say that she somehow finds the time to do it all.
Why Chemistry you may ask? Her love and desire for chemistry stems from the fact that it is so foundational, and gets to the bottom of the question why? She stated that Ohio State provides her with such amazing resources as well as just about any research opportunity that you could imagine. She is currently involved in Undergraduate Research with Dr. Cowan, studying iron-sulfur cluster proteins.

When asked what she believes every Ohio State student should do at some point, she responded, “Sing Carmen Ohio in the Shoe. Even if you are not a football fan – it always gives me goosebumps!” We can all agree with her there!

We asked Elizabeth if she had a time machine and could travel anywhere she wanted, where would she go. She stated that although in many ways it was a difficult time, she would love to visit and live through the middle of the twentieth century. She recently became interested in modern art and the fast paced, complex, and global aspects of the intellectual and artistic conversations happening throughout that time.

Keep up the hard work and enthusiasm Elizabeth, you’re an inspiration to us all!