Undergrad Spotlight: Adam Weiss


Youngstown, Ohio native and third year Chemistry and Neuroscience double major, Adam Weiss, aspires to get his PhD in Endocrinology and become a professor – we’ll hold him to that. Before he does, you’ll still see him around being a General Chemistry TA, the Secretary of Chemistry and Biochemistry Club, researching, AND chasing tornadoes (really)!

Adam spends his few spare hours of the day being a General Chemistry TA where he enjoys working with students who were just like him – beginning their careers in Chemistry and hoping they enjoy it just the way he does. He is also a Neuroscience Ambassador which allows Adam to be a mentor to incoming freshman majoring in Neuroscience.

Contemplating Undergraduate Research? Well, Adam’s will show you just how fascinating it can be! Adam is in Dr. Randy Nelson’s behavioral neuro-endocrinology lab where they study the effects of dim light; for example, the light on your phone before you fall asleep, and the behavior and physiological outcomes of it. So far, the light has been linked to weight gain, depression, and even weakening of the immune system!

Adam has many classes he’s enjoyed, but the one that takes the cake was Honors General Chemistry 2, taught by Dr. Gustafson – who is also one of Adam’s mentors. “His infamous 4 hour exams still sticks out as one of the most memorable parts of my college career – the only exam I have ever taken where I watched students order a pizza mid-way through”, stated Weiss.

Dr. Noel Paul is one of Adam’s favorite professors. He enjoyed Dr. Paul for organic chemistry and how he takes the idea of being a ‘lifelong’ learner to the next level. Adam stated, “While some professors do not enjoy answering questions, Dr. Paul loved talking about organic chemistry and working through problems with his students.” Adam learned a great deal from him and also had fun while doing it!

Adam has also traveled to Germany for the DAAD RISE internship program – “It was one of the most fun experiences in my life”, Adam stated. RISE is an academic exchange program run by the German government which allowed Adam to be a research intern at Carl von Ossietzky Universitat Oldenburg. He worked in the biological psychology lab where he studied the effect of nicotine on attention and memory. During this 12-week experience he traveled to nine cities, including Berlin and Istanbul – which were his favorites! His education and cultural experiences were broadened and he is forever thankful.

Life outside of Adam’s studies is filled with the weather – thunderstorms, tornadoes, everything! Adam is a certified severe weather spotter for the National Weather Service. He’s always enjoyed this filed and took the training to pursue his hobby and hopefully be able to warm people in dangerous situations. “I have seen two funnel clouds in the past three years, but I still haven’t caught the tornado I have been chasing”, Adam stated. When you catch that tornado, let us know how it went, we’ll be waiting behind.

Good Luck on your studies, goals, and dreams, Adam! The department is cheering you on!