Undergraduate Research Opportunity

There is currently a research opportunity in the topics of psychiatry, neuroscience and microbiomes!


Dr. Tamar Gur, of The Ohio State University College of Medicine, is looking for bright, dedicated undergraduates to assist 10 to 20 hours a week in the experiments (academic credit possible). The work is with a mouse model of prenatal stress, looking at the impact in female and male offspring through changes in microbiome and neurobiology. Techniques used in lab include q-PCR, microbiome work, animal behavior, and microscopy.

Students with previous lab experience (including pipetting, handling mice, q-PCR, and animal behavior), and who plan to go to medical or graduate school are preferred.

Qualified students should email Dr. Gur by Thursday, September 15th at tamar.gur@osumc.edu and include a resume.