Undergraduate Research: Neuroscience

Form undergraduate experiences through researching in neuroscience!

Do you have an interest in discovering new things and applying the skills you have learned in classes?  Developing your resume and experiences as an undergrad?


Students will Learn basic molecular, animal behavior, and cellular biology techniques including PCR, molecular cloning, immunostaining, and microscopy with Dr. Jessica Lerch as you contibute to a laboratory research project on how stress hormones impact the development of nerve-injury induced pain.  You will be working 10 – 15 hours a week.

Applicants should be able to work independently and with others, to meet deadlines, and to uphold the highest standards of safety and scientific integrity.

For more information, the specific criteria that needs to be met, and to apply, see Undergraduate Research Opportunity

Please email Dr. Lerch at  lerch.27@osu.edu  with questions.