Study Abroad Course: Scientific Roots in England

Biology 4000, Scientific Roots in England, will be offered again this Spring 2016 if enough students enroll. This is a great opportunity to get started in study abroad, if that is in your plans.

The course is now more general than biology alone, and several topics in the history of chemistry and physics will be discussed.  The course culminates with  visits to London, Cambridge, and England’s “Jurassic Coast” to see important sites in the history of scientific discovery.   It should be interesting and useful for any “scientist,” and is also a blast!

An information session will be held later in the fall, but if you know you are interested, please contact Dr. John Cogan now at or 614-292-4470.

The application deadline for this program is Oct 1, 2015. The application is available on the website of the Office of International Affairs (

Studying abroad is a valuable and exciting part of an undergraduate experience. When pursuing any study abroad opportunity, be sure to check in with an advisor to address any academic or financial implications of a semester abroad. Bon voyage!

All questions about this study abroad program should be directed to:
Dr. John G. Cogan
Auxiliary Assistant Professor
Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
College of Arts and Sciences
(614) 292-4470