All users must have an account in the campus-wide FOM Calendar system.

Updates and news related to repairs and maintenance of the NMR facility will be shared on this site and on FOM, in the event of long-term instrument outages.

The NMR spectrometers are available for hands-on usage for those completing training. Specification on hours allowable per instrument per time of day are given in the table below:

Instrument Daytime (9am-8pm) Night Weekend
DPX 250 MHz 1 hour 6 hours 6 hours
DPX 400 MHz 2 hours Unlimited Unlimited
Avance Neo 400 MHz 1 hour 6 hours 6 hours
AVIII 400 MHz 1 hour 6 hours 6 hours
Varian 500 MHz Contact NMR Staff for Availability
AVIII 600 MHz 2 hours Unlimited Unlimited

Scheduling Policies

All usage of the facility instruments (including computers) must be logged using the appropriate schedule.  The AVIII 400 & Neo 400 do not require prior scheduling. Be present at the end of your scheduled time to remove your NMR sample and log off the computer.

All advance sign-ups must take place no more than 72 hours in advance and are first-come, first-serve basis.

Variable Temperature:  Users must return the system to room temperature 15-20 minutes prior to releasing their time to the next user.

Scheduled time is forfeited if the signed-up user does not show up within 15 minutes of the start time. If you finish early, try to contact the next operator (via FOM) so instrument becomes available for others.

Special requests for NMR time outside of the established guidelines will be considered case-by-case if given advanced notice. Please contact the NMR Manager for such requests.


Access to the facility will be removed if you do not follow the policies and/or do not adhere to Ohio State’s Code of Student Conduct.  


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