FOM Registration

Please go to to begin this process.  

For detailed registration instructions on the Facility Online Manager (FOM), please read the FOM User Manual.

All OSU users must first create a Requsition in Workday for funds to be used in FOM for CBC-NMR Facility.

Non-OSU users: Please contact an NMR manager for instructions

All users will need to do the following when registering on FOM:

  1. Enter Username as your OSU name.#
  2. Select your Supervisor (research adviser).  The supervisors can be added by you to the system if yours is not in the drop-down list.
  3. Enter all remaining personal information & click submit
  4. Fill out your Account information – this is your Workday requistion number
  5. IMPORTANT:  Please mark “May be used in the CBC NMR Facility”  
  6. Once you add the account, you will need your PI’s approval to complete your account activation. 

This information will be submitted to the research adviser for approval.  All PI’s need to check that the account information is correct before approval. If a user will be using more than one account, or accessing more than one facility, you may enter this information after the initial approval process.

Users and PIs will be responsible for keeping account information up to date.

Request Training

Once registered in the system, please find the 250 MHz NMR or the EMX-Plus EPR on the list of instruments under “CBC – NMR Laboratory.” Apply to use this instrument – which sends the NMR manager an email. More instructions for how to schedule your time will follow through FOM emails.

Please read and adhere to the NMR Facility Policies and Safely Policies.

The FOM calendar will only be used for scheduling the DPX400, AVIII600, and the EPR spectrometers; but training requests for any instrument are initiated through FOM.

FOM Reservation Instructions

 *Please continue to adhere to all Facility Policies & Scheduling of the CBC NMR laboratory*

 The calendar is very straight-forward, but here are detailed instructions:  

  1. Open the calendar for the instrument that you would like to schedule.
  2. Click on the starting time of your appointment – DO NOT click the yellow ‘click to log on’.  This is an option that we will not be utilizing in the facility at this time.  If you click to ‘log on’ you may incur additional charges.
  3. In the reservation window: select the account that will be charged.  Edit the time period for the reservation.  If you are running a Low Temperature experiment, please check this box.  DO NOT use the ‘reserve recurring sessions’.
  4. Answer the ‘Cancer Sample’ question.
  5. Click ‘Reserve’.
  6. At your reserved time, show up and use the instrument. You must fully log out, remove your sample(s) and leave the instrument at the conclusion of your reservation.

Cancellations:  You will now be able to cancel time during your reservation, in case that your experiment fails or you need to stop early.  You will be charged from the start of your reservation until your cancelled time.  The calendar is then open for others to reserve the time.  The FOM system time-stamps all activity on the calendar, making this possible.  Please be reminded that our NMR facility is a very active, shared facility – so blocking off large amounts of time in advance and then cancelling at the last minute is not appropriate.  Users may incur additional charges if this becomes habitual.

Please note that every facility on campus using FOM may use this system differently and appropriate to their operation.

 The calendars are only active for the DPX 400, AVIII600 and EMX-Plus.   However, all CBC NMR users must be registered in the FOM system, even if you do not have access to the DPX 400 and AVIII600.

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