Bruker EMX-Plus EPR

The Bruker EMX-Plus EPR spectrometer is equipped with a ColdEdge  cryostat for cryogen-free liquid-helium temperatures. This is a standard continuous-wave (CW), X-band (9.4 GHz) EPR spectrometer which regulates temperature down to 5K. Samples may be illuminated in the resonant cavity during operation.

Continuous-Wave (CW) & X-band frequency (9.4 GHz)

Room Temperature & Cryogenic Temperatures (5K – 100K)

Software:  Xenon (Bruker)

Availability: Users can sign-up on FOM from 9am to 5pm for cold temperature operation. Room temperature is available by request only. Experienced users can request access to use during nights & weekends.

Access/Training:  Request an appointment via FOM