EHS Training

All users are required to complete OSU Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) online training.

Users must create an EHS account at and complete online training prior to being trained on the NMR or EPR spectrometers. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate to and login with your OSU name.# to create an account
  • From the homepage, select “Participate in Online Training” and the choose “EHS Online Training”
  • Under My Training, select the enrolled training program (listed below) and complete the online training session.
  • Once EHS training is complete (indicated with a green check mark), a NMR manager or GTA will reach out to you schedule instrument training.

The follow EHS training programs are required by the NMR facility:

  1. Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP)
  2. Lab Standard Training

The next training program is ONLY required for users who receive variable temperature NMR training (DPX400 & AVIII600) or EMX-Plus EPR training.

  • Cryogenic Materials Training [ONLY Variable Temperature NMR and EMX-Plus EPR]