CryoProbe Prodigy

Bruker CryoProbe Prodigy

The CryoProbe Prodigy is an NMR probe which posesses a two-fold sensitivity increase over traditional solution-state NMR probes. In the Prodigy probe, the RF-coil assembly and the cryo-preamplifiers are cooled using evaporated liquid nitrogen. This cooling increases the efficiency of the NMR coil assembly and decreases thermal noise. Additionally, the low-temperature coil assembly and preamplifiers are vacuum-insulated from the NMR sample well, allowing for the study of room temperature (25C) NMR samples.

For users, this 5mm broadband probe will operate similar to the other 400 MHz systems. A SampleJet autosampler is used to submit samples for automation. Available nuclei include 1H, 11B, 13C, 19F and 31P. Other nuclei may be available by request.