Avance Neo 400 MHz – Installation Begins 3.26.2019

Our new 400 MHz NMR system installation will begin on 3.26.2019.  This system will be equipped with a liquid nitrogen cooled Prodigy probe with enhanced sensitivity for broadband nuclei (13C, 31P, 11B, etc.) and 1H.  The S:N for 13C experiments is promised to be greater than the 600 MHz.  This system will also include a SampleJet and be operated in full automation 24/7.  There will be new experiments available – so stay tuned for updates.

**Look for training announcements in mid-late April**

During installation – please give the Bruker service engineers and scientists space for their work which will be very close to the existing 400 MHz.

DPX 400 – Probe Change

Various users have requested a change in capabilities on the DPX 400 MHz (NMR-Paprika) in Evans 0083. The probe which has been installed since 2011 was an inverse probe (BBI) – optimized for 1H detection and 2D experiments. However, this probe was not useful for acquiring quality 13C spectra or other nuclei.

The probe installed today is a QNP probe (quartenary nuclei probe) capable of acquiring NMR spectra from four nuclei: 1H, 13C, 31P, 19F.

What you need to know:

  • Shim  file: To load a shim file prior to shimming the probe, type QNP.shim
  • Default tuning: The probe is currently tuned to 1H and 13C. The 1H tune is not as sensitive to solvent changes, such that tuning the proton channel is not necessary for standard 1H experiments. If you’d like to learn to tune the probe (wobb) for quantitative 1H or 2D experiments, please let me know. The procedure is a bit different than the BBI probe.
  • 31P and 19F: If you need to acquire these nuclei please contact me for training. The procedure for tuning is very different from the BBI probe.

Let me know if you run into any problems!!

Welcome Philippe Nadaud!

Dr. Nadaud has joined the CBC and CCIC NMR facilities as the post-doctoral assistant.  He will be helping with instrument calibrations, training, cryogen fills, and data acquisition.  His expertise is in the areas of solid-state NMR and structural biology.  Be sure to stop by and say hello!

Instrument Status 6.13.2014

This information is also available on your user page in FOM.


250 MHz (NMR-Thyme) – Available for all experiments. (1H, 13C, 11B, 31P).  If you need to run a 11B or 31P, please contact the NMR manager for simple instructions.

400 MHz AVIII SampleJet (NMR-Saffron) – Available.  Be sure to use snug caps and clean tubes.

400 MHz in 0083EL (NMR-Paprika) – Available.  Experiencing some spin problems which is not affecting data collection.

500 MHz (NMR-Nutmeg) – Available.  The magnet has a serious ice blockage which is not affecting data collection.  See comments for other intermittent issues.

300 MHz Solids (NMR-Garlic) – Available for sample submission.

Data processing PC (NMR-Basil) – Available.

Topspin License server (NMR-02) – Available.