Bruker Avance III HD 600


This is the most versatile instrument in the CBC facility*, capable of a large number of experiments ranging from routine experiments to advanced multi-dimensional and multi-nuclear NMR as well as variable temperature (-120C to +100C).  Advanced users must be comfortable with hardware manipulations in order to optimize the conditions and obtain high-quality data.

Nickname: Sage

Software:  Topspin 3.6 on a PC with Windows 7

Probe:  5 mm “Smart” broadband probe (BBFO) with Z gradient

Availability:  Schedule via FOM; 2 hr. daytime limit (9am-8pm) and unlimited nights & weekends. Extended time is available for variable temperature experiments (by request).

Access/Training:  Pre-requisite – access and trained on the DSX 250 and  DPX 400; need for advanced NMR experiments; request an appointment via FOM.


*For higher field instrumentation, please visit the CCIC Website.  The 700 MHz in the Riffe building is equipped with a direct-detection 13C cryoprobe for ultra-high 13C sensitivity.

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