Bruker Avance Neo 400

This is a walk-up instrument equipped with a SampleJet sample changer queuing up to 576 samples and a Prodigy Cryoprobe for enhanced sensitivity. This instrument is reserved for graduate student and post-doctoral researchers. Once trained, those within the department can submit samples to acquire a variety of NMR experiments – proton, carbon, phosphorus, fluorine, COSY, HSQC, HMBC, etc.

Nickname: Wasabi

Software:  Topspin 4.0 – Windows 10 running ICON-NMR for sample submission

Probe:  5mm Prodigy Cryoprobe

Availability:  Walk-up and submit experiments 24/7. Usage is limited to 1 hour during daytime hours (9am-9pm) and 6 hours overnight.

Access/Training:  Request an appointment via FOM; Pre-requisite –  complete training on DPX 250 & Avance III 400