CBEC NMR Lab – Moving In!!


The first Bruker 850 MHz NMR has arrived in the new CBEC Building for biomolecular NMR applications.


At 6:00AM the riggers arrived to place the magnet down into the area well to the basement.

IMAG2633 IMAG2641


The magnet at the bottom of the area well.


Moving into the new NMR facility.

IMAG2652 IMAG2655IMAG2657IMAG2658

AVIII 400 – Update on errors

The AVIII has been having an intermittent error on sample insert/eject.  I have been working closely with Bruker to troubleshoot this ongoing issue.  If you find the system in error state (the SampleJet light flashing), please contact the NMR manager and leave the system alone.  Do not attempt to recover a sample or fix the error.  It is important that the manager is able to see the error messages and the orientation of the sample to the instrument in order to understand the problem.  Please make sure to use high quality NMR tubes that are clean and unbroken.  Make sure the cap fits snugly to the tube.  If your NMR tube is poor quality this increases the chance for system failures.  The tubes need to fit snugly into a spinner. Chipped, broken, or short tubes will be removed from the system and discarded.


Also, never manually turn the rack in the SampleJet.  This can damage the motor.

I appreciate your help as we make sure the system is optimized to generate high-quality and high-throughput NMR data.

-TLY, manager

Bruker Webinar – Data Processing

Bruker is hosting a FREE Webinar:

Wednesday, July 16th at 10:00 AM CEST Time.

If you have installed TopSpin on your lab computer, you have access to this data processing and reporting software (CMC-assist). Features include multiplet analysis and journal reporting specifically for organic synthesis. I HIGHLY recommend that at least on person per research group attend this training and learn to take advantage of this software. The software is also installed on the data processing computer in the NMR lab. We currently own three site licenses, but I will be happy to purchase more if there is interest. See below for instructions to register. Note – the registration is FREE – ignore the $1 or $2.

Link for information

TLY, manager


UPDATE:  The time was a bit confusing – it turns out to have been at 4:00AM Eastern Time, so most of us missed this session.  There was an option for 5:00 CEST/11:00 AM Eastern.  Hopefully they will archive this webinar so that we can still watch it later.

Mnova Trial

In addition to our CBC department Topspin license, we may have the opportunity to share a university-wide license for Mnova.  You may download a ‘lite’ trial of the Mnova software for processing NMR and MS data.  Please use your osu email address when registering on the site.  This will help us count the number of users interested.

Trial instructions

Network Drive Maintenance

The physical location of the NMR network drives is undergoing HVAC maintenance on Friday, June 20, 2014 at 2:30PM.  These servers have not been power cycled for over a year, so computer support will be doing some work on the servers at that time.  The outage will last a few hours. Please note:

1.  All spectrometers will be available.

2.  NMR-Saffron:  data collected on this system during the outage will not be archived to the NMR network drives.  You will need to bring a flash drive to transfer the data to another computer.

3.  BACK-UP your data.  The data on these servers is NOT backed up. If there are problems with the power cycling there is a slight risk of data loss.  You are responsible for your data!