SampleJet Errors

It is imperative that samples are submitted to the SampleJet properly – this will help us avoid numerous system failures!

  • Caps MUST be completely engaged on the NMR tube.  After quick inspection of the rack daily – we’re finding lots of caps that are barely holding on.  Please see the picture below.  If you tube is almost touching the bottom of the rack – your cap is not on far enough!!  If too long – the system will fail.
  • Caps cannot be split!  Again, looking through the rack – there are usually several split caps.
  • NMR tubes cannot be broken/cracked.  The caps must be on exactly straight.

With variations of tube lengths, caps on/off/split – the system can never fulling be calibrated.  Our errors will continue if these steps are not followed.   If this continues – we may have to start requiring only one brand of NMR tubes – which may increase your cost/sample.  You will still need to follow the direction above!

-TLW, NMR manager

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