SampleJet overhaul coming soon….

20160818_134823The SampleJet – AVIII 400 (NMR-Saffron) has been experiencing hardware and software issues for the past few weeks.  Thanks to everyone for being patient during these down times.  The 5 year old PC will be replaced including a new operating system and the most up-to-date Topspin version (3.5pl5) will be installed. More importantly, the carousel of the SampleJet will get a replacement bearing/gear to alleviate much of the hardware issues we’ve seen.

This full overhaul will happen within 2-3 weeks as we await the necessary parts.  We will limp along as best as possible in the meantime.

Realize that this will not fix the occasional ‘Sample Lost’ error – these are usually due to incorrect placement of the cap on the NMR tube.  Make sure the caps are on completely (ask if you are unsure).  The top of the NMR tube cannot be cracked at all or the cap will not be aligned properly on the tube.

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