**SampleJet Cap change**

Starting Monday – please use the colored ‘Norell’ caps for all experiments on the AVIII 400 NMR-Saffron.  We will be TESTING these new caps and monitoring any changes in the number of sample insertion failures for a few days.  If there are no increases, we’ll permanently start supplying these caps instead of the purple Bruker caps.  Why?  Bruker has significantly increased the price per cap.  Their caps are the most compatible with their hardware, obviously.  However, it is fiscally responsible to fully test the ‘Norell’ caps which are much less expensive. A few users have already been using these occasionally without significant issues.

Please follow the link to watch a video on the proper placement of the cap.

The ‘Norell’ caps are much different.  First, you’ll notice they fit more tightly on the NMR tube, creating a much better seal.  Second, the cap still has to be completely pushed onto the tube – until you feel it push onto the tube a 2nd time.   If not, the cap will not be aligned straight with the tube, and the system will give an error stopping the queue.  Third, these caps are re-usable further reducing the price of the cap.

All NMR tubes still must be completely undamaged!! Any chip at the top of the NMR tube will misalign the cap/tube which will likely stop the queue.   I’ll be handing out free ‘Norell’ NMR tubes which work as guides for properly placing the cap on the tube.

For more information or if you’d like to order your own caps (if you’d like your lab to use a particular color).  FYI – you may still use the purple Bruker caps, but if the ‘Norell’ caps work for us the NMR facility will refrain from supplying the purple Bruker caps. They are available in Bruker’s online store for purchase.


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