New CBEC NMR Facility Update

20150213_133042The CBEC NMR lab is in another phase of installations after a break during the holidays.  This week, on Tuesday, the AVIII 400 and DSX 300 were physically moved from Evans to CBEC.  The 400 MHz is already cold (at helium temperature) and waiting for a service engineer to re-energize the magnet, assemble and spec the console, and re-install the SampleJet.  My hope is these will be completed next week (Tues – Fri).  Tentatively, the 400 will be available Monday, Feb. 23 or a few days after.  The 300 MHz solid-state NMR is on a turbo pump through the weekend and will be cooled to helium temps next week.

The next systems to be installed between now and April are the following:

600 wide-bore solid-state NMR with DNP option

500 wide-bore solid-state NMR (Chris Jaroniec’s research instrument)

800 wide-bore solid-state NMR

and 850 MHz solution NMR (Rafael Bruschweiler’s research instrument)



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