Coffee Cup Calorimeter Coffee Cup Calorimeter – Use a coffee cup calorimeter, a thermometer, and measured amounts of CaCl2 and water to demonstrate how a calorimeter works

Endothermic Reaction – Shake solid Ba(OH)2 • 8 H2O with solid NH4NO3 to produce an aqueous mixture of Ba(NO3)2 (s) and NH3 (aq). The reaction is endothermic enough to freeze the flask to a wet piece of cardboard. Alternatively, a digital thermometer can be used to record the temperature change.

Happy and Unhappy Balls – Start with a pair of seemingly identical rubber balls to discuss potential and kinetic energy. One ball bounces like a superball, and the other absorbs energy and does not bounce.

Money to Burn– Soak a dollar bill in a water-alcohol mixture and then light it with a match; the high specific heat of water keeps the combustion temperature low enough to prevent burning the bill.