Seasonal Demos

Beat Michigan – Pour clear solutions together to create Michigan’s colors Blue and Yellow. Pour a second set of clear solutions in and destroy Michigan to make OSU’s Scarlet and Grey

Dancing Green Goblin – Halloween – Burning the methyl ester of boric acid produces a pure green flame that seems to “dance”

Exploding Pumpkin AU19 – Halloween – React CaC2 and water to produce acetylene, then light the gas produced to force the pieces out of a pre-carved Jack-o-lantern

Genie in a Bottle – Halloween – Use MnO2 to catalyze the decomposition of 30% H2O2, producing a large cloud of hot water vapor. The heat generated is intense enough to shrink the   2 L bottle used for the demo

Red-White-Blue Density Tower – Fourth of July – Display a large graduated cylinder with layers of red, clear, and blue liquids, (water, mineral oil, and ethanol) and have the students propose explanations for the layering and separation.

Vanishing Valentine – Valentine’s Day – Shake a colorless solution to produce a pink solution for Valentine’s Day