Molecular Geometry and Structures


Ammonia Fountain – Show the solubility of NH3 (g) in H2O due to hydrogen-bonding.

Like Dissolves Like – Contrast the solubility of I(s) and CuCl(s) in both water and hexane in large test tubes.

Paramagnetic O2 – Demonstrate the paramagnetism of liquid oxygen by pouring first N(ℓ), then O(ℓ) between the poles of a powerful magnet on the document camera.

Polarity and Geometry – Demonstrate the effect of a charged rod on streams of H2O and “CCl4” (actually hexane) flowing from burets.

Polarity and Solubility –  Add acetone to a saturated solution of CuSO4(aq) causing CuSO4(s) to crystallize out – the solubility of CuSO4 decreases as the polarity of the solvent is decreased

Polarizing Filters and Limonene – Place small beakers of (R)-(+)-limonene and (S)-(-)-limonene between two polaroid sheets on the overhead projector to show the equal but opposite rotation of plane-polarized light by these enantiomers; you can also show that a racemic mixture does not rotate polarized light.