Welcome to the ThunderDome!

50k+ students, staff, and faculty enter, then leave again because Corona.

The Demo Lab is shut down this semester, and I don’t have any students, but I will be around. Email me directly if you need help with something.

Visit our YouTube channel to see all the demo videos we have available. Pleas subscribe and encourage your students to do the same.

On the Demo Video page we have the videos arranged by class and chapter, and have links to the pdf protocols.

Wear your mask and keep, I dunno, 3 m away from everyone.



Videos – Dynamic Equilibrium and Critical Opalescence

We made two videos this week to help illustrate some of our demos. We welcome any feedback you may have!

First, we revamped how we do Dynamic Equilibrium.  The old version used 18L of water each time.  This new version uses large beads.  Two of my students demonstrated how this demo would work in your classroom. (sound optional)


Second, we performed and filmed Critical Opalescence.  This one is tricky to do in class, as the temperature and timing are finicky. The first part of the video (heating stage) is sped up 1000%, and the second part (cooling stage) is sped up 2000%. There is no sound


New Stuff!

We are working hard at making new equipment and demos, and improving existing demos! Take a look at the latest!

  • New Double Bonds for Darling Models
    • Gone are the weird and crusty rubber bands!  These are laminated and taped strips of paper that fit right on the carbon cores


  • Viscosity Tubes
    • Five tubes filled with oils of different viscosities.  Each tube contains a steel ball and a teflon ball.
    • We haven’t figured out the best way to use these to demonstrate viscosity, but Dr. Singer and others have suggestions that we are exploring


  • New Dynamic Equilibrium set-up
    • The old set up was two fishtanks and 18L of water
    • New set up is two large plastic cubes and a metaphorical ton of beads
    • We are ordering more beads so that one cube will be completely full


  • New Outreach Kit – Magnets, How Do They Work?
    • Magnet wands
    • Iron filings sealed in a plastic box
    • “Sticky Stones”
    • Magnetic Marbles
    • Spooooky Floating Magnet Sets

Classes resume August 22nd!

Now that summer is coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about our Autumn classes! We are excited to welcome four new Demo Lab student workers, Diego, Fatima, Rishika, and Tony. But, the people aren’t the only thing fresh in the Demo Lab, we are also unveiling our online demo ordering system and fully electronic inventory!