New Stuff!

We are working hard at making new equipment and demos, and improving existing demos! Take a look at the latest!

  • New Double Bonds for Darling Models
    • Gone are the weird and crusty rubber bands!  These are laminated and taped strips of paper that fit right on the carbon cores


  • Viscosity Tubes
    • Five tubes filled with oils of different viscosities.  Each tube contains a steel ball and a teflon ball.
    • We haven’t figured out the best way to use these to demonstrate viscosity, but Dr. Singer and others have suggestions that we are exploring


  • New Dynamic Equilibrium set-up
    • The old set up was two fishtanks and 18L of water
    • New set up is two large plastic cubes and a metaphorical ton of beads
    • We are ordering more beads so that one cube will be completely full


  • New Outreach Kit – Magnets, How Do They Work?
    • Magnet wands
    • Iron filings sealed in a plastic box
    • “Sticky Stones”
    • Magnetic Marbles
    • Spooooky Floating Magnet Sets

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