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First Year Review
What a crazy year it has been! This was a year of adapting to challenges, determining new ways to study, discovering my passions, and learning how to be the best person that I can be, all while navigating through a global pandemic. This was not an ea (More)
Second Year
My second year was one of immense personal growth. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, I spent a lot of time focused on schoolwork, most of which was on my own. I was very grateful for my roommates and all the ways we were able to support each other, and I (More)
First Year
My first year of college was eye-opening in many different ways. My courses challenged me like no schoolwork ever had before, and I was required to adjust the expectations I had of myself. Learning to stop putting so much pressure on myself was a con (More)
Freshmen Year in Review
My first semester at OSU involved a study abroad course on campus at OSU that focused on the culture, history and diversity associated with the city of London. Over winter break following my first semester, I explored London first-hand by traveling t (More)
Sophomore Year in Review
I've never been particularly inclined towards courses that make me think about social issues, as someone who gravitates towards STEM courses. However, this past year I was encouraged to take two such courses to fulfill some of my general education re (More)
Summer 2020 in Review
This summer I spent a lot of time focusing on my future in chemistry. I worked for Dr. Kohler's group doing literature research on UVA photo degradation of eumelanin in hopes of beginning a new project within the group from mid-May to late-July. I re (More)
Junior Year in Review
This past year has been a particularly difficult and enlightening one due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the start of my junior year, I was unsure how I would be impacted academically and in my daily life, but over time I made the best of my circumstan (More)
Graduate School--Fourth Year (So Far!)
Fall Semester Passed candidacy exam----became a PhD candidate Resumed Dean's Distinguished Graduate Fellowship Appointed to the College of Public Health's Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) as its PhD representative Organized free COVID-1 (More)
Year in Review
My first year at The Ohio State University was certainly not what I expected, however, it was also more than I imagined. Beginning college during a fatal pandemic made me nervous to meet people, learn through online classes, and adjust to my new surr (More)
Sophomore Year in review
For this year, I am proud of the progress I've made getting more involved in clubs. I was the Recruitment Chair for MEDLIFE OSU and this allowed me to gain valuable leadership experience, while also gaining a stronger connection with my fellow execut (More)
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