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Education Round-up: July 2021
As a service to our research community, we periodically share upcoming non-Ohio State events, webinars, and workshops that may be of interest to human subjects (More)
Force of Forging Words: A Translation Conversation
Source: Notes on the Mosquito (7/7/21) Force of Forging Words: A Translation Conversation An online launch for More)
Paper Republic newsletter June 2021
With permission from the good folks at Paper Republic, the MCLC LIST will be posting its monthly newsletters, which are chock full of informatin related to .--Kirk More)
Hard Like Water review
Source: NYT (6/15/21) Cheat on Your Partner or Change the World: In This Novel, It’s All the Same By Jennifer Wilson [caption id="" align="alignnone" width (More)
The Babel Fallacy Fallacy
Sino-Platonic Papers is pleased to announce the publication of its three-hundred-and-sixteenth issue: "The Babel Fallacy Fallacy: Against the Lack of Interest (More)
Translations/Translation Studies book review editor
I'm writing to announce that, after many years of service, Michael Berry is stepping down as the MCLC book review editor for translations. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Michael for all his work over the years. He has contributed enormously (More)
Butter Pancakes by Wang Zengqi
MCLC Resource Center is pleased to announce publication of "Butter Pancakes" (1982), a short story by Wang Zengqi, translated by Xuezhao Li and Travis Telzrow. The translation appears below More)
Transitions in Taiwan: Stories of the White Terror
A Son of Taiwan
Lin Shu's Don Quixote translated into Spanish after 100 years
Source: The Guardian (4/23/21) Chinese Don Quixote is translated into Spanish after 100 years Lin Shu’s forgotten 1922 text, Th (More)
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