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Latest target of HK crackdown: children's books
Source: NYT (7/22/21) The Latest Target of Hong Kong’s Crackdown: Children’s Books A story that portrayed the police as wolves helped lead to the arrests (More)
What China scholars can do about Xinjiang crisis
Source: University of Westminster Contemporary China Blog (7/21/21) What China Studies Scholars Can Do about the Xinjiang CrisisMore)
Jin Xing, transgender star
Source: NYT (7/16/21) She’s One of China’s Biggest Stars. She’s Also Transgender. More)
Ketamine and the return of the party-state
Source: Palladium (6/23/21) Ketamine and the Return of the Party-State By More)
The Han Supremacy
Source: Time Magazine (7/12/21) The Han supremacy Beijing's Ominous Campaign to Define What It Means to Be Chinese BY CHARLIE CAMPBELL/SHANGHAI More)
More on "lying flat"
Be sure to watch the video of Zhang Xinmin singing "Lying Flat is the Kingly Way" at the end of the article--Kirk Source: NYT (7/3/21) These Chinese Millennials Are (More)
Bulldozing Uyghur culture (2)
About companies complicit in Chinese slavery: I don't know of an updated website listing all of them. Apart from those A. E. Clark listed, the website of More)
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