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Job and Research Postings!
The Institute for Genomic Medicine (https:// (More)
Partnerships, Teamwork, and Persistence Bring New Potato Varieties
Hundreds of new, promising, numbered (unnamed) potato genotypes are evaluated at research station and farm sites each year. Ohio State is one of many institutions involved. In 2021, we are evaluating more than 100 numbered selections from four breedi (More)
Aayush Successfully Defenses Thesis
Our fabulous student Aayush Sharma successfully defended his undergraduate honors research thesis this afternoon! Aayush was our first student to joi (More)
About Me
Jocelyn is a senior Biochemistry major with an interest in youth empowerment and cancer biology. After graduating in Spring 2022, Jocelyn plans on pursuing her Ph.D. in Cancer Biology or Molecular and Cellular Biology to become a professor and resear (More)
What are You and Others You Hear from Willing to Pay for New Farming Technology?
Technology surrounds us and is often defined as: “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry” and “machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge.” Whether by definition or e (More)
Conditional Process Analysis
An Advanced and Accessible Method for Your Nursing Education Scholarship If you have a question in mind about how teaching and learning are working in your classroom, but you aren't sure how to approach answering the question, consider conditional (More)
Your yellow bowl is our YPT
First published in the OSU Biomuseum blog on 2015-08-31; minor corrections. Collecting insects is one of the many activities of the staff and volunteers at the Triplehorn Insect Collection. Each time we go out in the field and collect we creat (More)
2020-2021 Research Updates
Wester Lab, Department of Neuroscience: At the beginning of 2020, I joined the Wester Lab. Our lab uses transgenic mice and electrophysiology techniques to investigate the organization and development of neural circuits in the cortex. Under Dr. Ja (More)
Leisure Participation Study for Adults with Autism
Recruitment Announcement: Leisure participation is key in physical and mental wellbeing, social inclusion, independence, self-worth, and quality of life. Researchers at the University of Minnesota and Temple University are recruiting adults with aut (More)
Call for Cooperators - 2021 On-Farm Research
By Rachel Cochran, Water Quality Extension Associate, and Sarah Noggle, Extension Educator As we begin to approach Spring planting, it’s important to think abou (More)
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