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Seeking China's new narratives
Source: China Media Project (7/16/21) Seeking China’s New Narratives The views put forth by a range of Chinese scholars at a recent discussion forum in Beijing host (More)
Latest target of HK crackdown: children's books
Source: NYT (7/22/21) The Latest Target of Hong Kong’s Crackdown: Children’s Books A story that portrayed the police as wolves helped lead to the arrests (More)
What China scholars can do about Xinjiang crisis
Source: University of Westminster Contemporary China Blog (7/21/21) What China Studies Scholars Can Do about the Xinjiang CrisisMore)
HK film Revolution of Our Times
Source: SCMP (7/16/21) Hong Kong director has sold rights to protest documentary screened at Cannes, but says he won’t lea (More)
Ketamine and the return of the party-state
Source: Palladium (6/23/21) Ketamine and the Return of the Party-State By More)
The Han Supremacy
Source: Time Magazine (7/12/21) The Han supremacy Beijing's Ominous Campaign to Define What It Means to Be Chinese BY CHARLIE CAMPBELL/SHANGHAI [caption id="attachment_38693" ali (More)
How China bought Cambridge
Source: The Spectator (7/10/21) How China bought Cambridge Ian Williams One of the firs (More)
Rahile Dawut 'secretly jailed'
Renowned anthropologist and folklorist Rahile Dawut "secretly jailed" in China Rahile Dawut was abducted by the Chinese authorities three years ago while on her way to a conference in Beijing. Since then, no trace. Now, in the last few days it's bee (More)
China's bitter youths embrace Mao
Source: NYT (7/8/21) ‘Who Are Our Enemies?’ China’s Bitter Youths Embrace Mao. The chairman’s call for struggle and violence against capitalists is winning over a new audience o (More)
The man behind China's aggressive new voice
Source: NYT (7/7/21) The Man Behind China’s Aggressive New Voice More)
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