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Ohio State News features Dr. Zhi-Ping's work on 15,000 year old viruses trapped in Tibetan glacier ice
Dr. Zhi-Ping Zong, a former postdoc in the Sullivan Lab, was recently featured by Ohio State University News for his paper describing viruses from ancient Tibetan ice cores. Congratulation Zhi-Ping and team!! --> Read the official OSU press (More)
Nature News Features virus ecology and leaders in the field
New Features in Nature: beyond SARS-CoV-2 and how virus ecologists - including Mya Breitbart and Matt Sullivan -  are shaping how we discover and perceive viruses from an ecosystem perspective. Link to feature article More)
Thank you, IRB reviewers!
At the heart of any human research protection program (HRPP) are the institutional review board members who devote their time and energy to ensuring the safety, rights, and welfare of research participants.   Ohio State's IRB members are no exceptio (More)
Fairfield County Market Lamb Tagging and Weighing Procedure for 2021
Over the past year,  the COVID-19 pandemic caused us to change the way we do many things in life that had become seemingly routine. Fortunately, in most cases, advances in technology have allowed many of these changes to take place almost seamlessly, (More)
Dr. Ahmed Zayed interviewed by Technology Networks for his research about the links between spinal cord injury and the gut microbiome
Dr. Ahmed Zayed, a postdoc in the Sullivan Lab, was recently interviewed by science writer Molly Campbell, for Technology Networks ( Ahmed answered questions about one of his recent research articles, in which h (More)
Final Organizer Roundtable Discussion
This roundtable by Ohio State University Professors Harmony Bench (Associate Professor, Department of Dance), Yana Hashamova (Professor and Chair of the Department of Slavic and East European Languages a (More)
OSU College spotlight: Dr. Sullivan's efforts from marines viruses to a new OSU Center
This month, OSU's College of Arts and Sciences spotlights Dr. Sullivan's efforts going from his experiences in marine virus ecology, to the creation of the Center of Microbiome Science at Ohio State. Full the full story More)
Unlocking Corporeal Puzzles: Master Class with Danielle Agami, March 25, 2021
Choreographer Danielle Agami likes algebra’s complicated puzzles, the ones that require subcutaneous investigation to approach their solutions. Her movement class also fosters this kind of inquiry. On March 25, 2021, she Zoomed into The Ohio State Un (More)
Fairfield County Ag Society Plans for Full Fair in 2021...and continues to improve Fairgrounds, too !!
Over the past year, despite dealing with many activities and events being cancelled including the Senior Fair activities in 2020, the Directors have continued to make improvements on the (More)
Fairfield County Fair Queen Hannah Henry will compete in Ohio Fairs Queen Competition
Congratulations to the 2020 Fairfield County Fair Queen Hannah Henry who is now the District 6 Ohio Fair Managers Representative.  Hannah competed against Fair (More)
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