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Meeting Minutes 3/26/2019
On March 26th, we were lucky enough to have Dr. Earley come to speak with our club. We learned a lot about the changes in the profession as well as received some great advice. Thank you, Dr. Earley for taking them time to come and talk with us about (More)
Meeting Minutes 4/2/2019
On April 2nd, Kristin Tobin from the New England College of Optometry in Boston, Massachusetts. We were able to learn more about being a student at the New England College of Optometry and the opportunities that come with being a student there! Thank (More)
Meeting Minutes 2/4/2020
At our meeting on February 4th, we had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Earley, who is the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at The Ohio State College of Optometry and the immediate past president of the Ohio Optometric Association. Dr. Earle (More)
Meeting Minutes 10/06/2020
During this meeting, we heard a presentation from New England College of Optometry. Here are the notes from the meeting. New England College of Optometry: 1894 130 class size Boston, MA See pts starting in second year Faculty want (More)
Meeting Minutes 11/17/2020
In this meeting, we heard from Midwestern College of Optometry. Below you can find our meeting minutes and notes! 70:30 female:male GPA: 3.34 Science GPA: 3.16 Midwestern: 1900 as American College of osteopathic medicine and surgery (More)
Meeting Minutes 02/02/2021
Attached are the minutes from our first meeting of the semester! We had the chance to hear from Jen Walker, and her experience with being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. She now runs the Columbus chapter of Foundation Fighting Blindness, which y (More)
Meeting Minutes 02/16/2021
Today we heard from Melissa with Salus/PCO! We also concluded our Valentine's Day Fundraiser Competition against the Pre-Dentistry Club, in which we both were competing to see who could raise the most money in a week for Remote Area Medical. We were (More)
Meeting Minutes 03/02/2021
At today's meeting we heard from our advisor, Shawn Gilbert, and two of our own members regarding the admission process for optometry school. We took extensive notes, so that you can reference back to these minutes during your own application process (More)
Meeting Minutes 10/20/2020
In today's meeting, we had a presentation from Southern College of Optometry. Here are comprehensive notes about the school, taken by Becca Roffe. SCO Meeting Notes Stand alone private institution Only optometry Memphis, TN 97% of en (More)
Meeting Minutes 2/18/2020
At our meeting on February 18th, Jen Bennett, the director of Student Services from the College of Optometry at the Ohio State University, provided the club with many useful tips on how to excel in professional interviews. Thank you for taking the ti (More)
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