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Forms Needed from Junior Fair Livestock and Equine Exhibitors
Junior Fair Livestock and Equine exhibitors will have online forms that will be due before they bring their animals to the fair. Please note below which forms are required for each species and the deadline for each form. Most species must have their (More)
Junior Fair Market Animal Sale Photos
Please note that sale photos for ALL market animals will take place during each species scheduled weigh-in procedures. Please review the time for your scheduled weigh-in and ensure that your animal is clean and the exhibitor is dressed appropriately. (More)
2021 Hartford Fair Sale Brochure
We know many of you are working on sending buyer letters out in preparation for the livestock sales. We know you often like to include the sales brochure in the buyer letter. If you are having trouble finding it, you can access it More)
Manure Science Review Coming August 10th
By Glen Arnold- OSU Extension The annual Manure Science Review will be held on Tuesday, August 10 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at MVP Dairy near Celina, Ohio. Attendees will see and hear about this state-of-the-art dairy’s 80-cow rotary milking pa (More)
Sheep 101 Field Day
Yep ... The Problem is Agriculture!!??
Source: OFBF (edited) Yeah it's easier, let's just blame agriculture! Why are they allowed to put ANY sewage in the river?  Where have the regulators been for the last 20 years? A fine of only $29,936.00 which equals about $.00001 per gallon (More)
Ohio Beef News
Forage Fertility: Where We Are and Why it Matters | Ohio BEEF Cattle Letter (More)
Beef Quality Assurance July 27, 7:00 PM
A Beef Quality Assurance class will be held July 27, 2021, at 7:00 PM, at the Muskingum Livestock Auction, Zanesville, OH. All producers selling beef for meat are encouraged to have BQA Certification.  For more information about BQA in Ohio, see t (More)
So Lush, So Green, And Oh So Poisonous
– Keith Johnson, Purdue Extension Forage Specialist A yew bush used as landscaping is in need of a trim. Don’t feed the trimmings to livestock or death will occur. (Photo Credit: Keith Johnson)[/captio (More)
Work Smarter, Not Harder: Sheep Handling
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