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Deep Green Faith: Holy Forest Kinship
Image courtesy of In September 2019, the Beec (More)
National Letter to President Concerning Environmental Roll Backs
Image courtesy of In October 2018, 132 faith communities, including seven Ohio-ba (More)
Living Lent
Picture courtesy of Living lent is a resource from The Joint Public issues Team. Their goal is to help people recognize that changing the climate is a lifestyle, not just an ac (More)
Sisters of Earth: Hopes and Dreams
Picture courtesy of How to Face the Mess We're in without Going Crazy, is the subtitle of Joanna Macy's book Active Hope, which was the inspiration for Sisters of Eart (More)
Muslim-American Views on Climate Change: A National Survey
Picture courtesy of The Muslim-American Views on Climate Chang (More)
Laudato Si’ in Spoken Word
Picture courtesy of Laudato Si’ in Spoken Word is a poem vid (More)
Activities on Spirituality of Creation
Picture courtesy of Activities on Spirituality of Creation is a (More)
Green Churches Three Year Plan
Picture courtesy of Green Churches Network plans to expand their organization, and to help them do so, they have created a Three Year Plan. The Three Year Plan, 2017 to 2020, (More)
Godspace Blessing of the Animals
Picture courtesy of Godspace offers a resource for St. Francis Day, October 4th,  and the Blessing of the Animals. It includes prayers, meditations, and songs to celebrate t (More)
Green Churches Network
Picture courtesy of The Green Churches Network helps Christian c (More)
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