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HK film Revolution of Our Times
Source: SCMP (7/16/21) Hong Kong director has sold rights to protest documentary screened at Cannes, but says he won’t lea (More)
Women filmmakers
Source: NYT (7/14/21) China’s Women Filmmakers Are Embracing Their Stories. Moviegoers Are Loving It. China has many talented female directors, but few have (More)
Journal of Chinese Cinema special issue on noise--cfp
Call for Papers In film sound, noise is usually what needs to be reduced to create a more nuanced and realistic sound design, what needs to be eliminated to leave behind a clean and immersive audioscape. But what happens when we begin with noise as (More)
ACAS Inaugural Conference rescreening
ACAS Inaugural Conference Rescreening Schedule 9am & 4pm, July 12-August 4, 2021, Hong Kong time Inaugural Conference 2020, < (More)
History of Chinese animation (1)
The animation industry is always in crisis in China. Every so often an article  appears bemoaning the state of Chinese animation (this one also looks like a promotion for a new department-- another important factor in Chinese animation, educational i (More)
History of Chinese animation
Source: SupChina (6/2/21) The history of Chinese animation, from groundbreaking ‘Havoc in Heaven’ to crapp (More)
Zhanqi Village film
Source: China Daily (5/24/21) New film reflects epic changes in rural China By Xu Fan | A scene (More)
Alone together in Taipei
Source: NY Review of Books (June 10, 2021) Alone Together in Taipei Intimacy in Tsai Ming-liang’s films is an elusive possession, but the desire for it i (More)
Journal of Chinese Film Studies--cfp
JOURNAL OF CHINESE FILM STUDIES: CALL FOR PAPERS AIMS AND SCOPE Journal of Chinese Film Studies (JCFS) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal which focuses on the history, theory, criti (More)
Chinese Film Classics
Colleagues, I am delighted to announce the publication of my book Chinese Film Classics, 1922-1949 (Columbia University Press): More)
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