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CFAES sustainability news, July 23, 2021
Extreme heat triggers mass die-offs and stress for wildlife in the West National Geographic, July 22; fe (More)
‘Know more, waste less’
“As future leaders in the food and agriculture industry, we believe it is our social responsibility to consume and produce food in a conscientious manner.” So says CFAES PhD student Aishwarya Badiger in our latest CFAES Story, which looks at her w (More)
Course Spotlight: CHEM 6550 – Atmospheric Chemistry
Offered in Autumn 2021. Tues/Thurs 12:45 - 2:05pm Professor Heather Allen Course objective: Chemistry, composition, and reaction kinetics relating to the Earth’s atmosphere with focus on tropospheric and stratospheric chemistry with regional and (More)
Ohio State hosts UK diplomats for climate change discussion
From Ohio State News: Representatives of local government, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and Ohio State gathered on Wednesday, June 2, to share climate successes and insight with United Kingdom diplomatic lea (More)
They’re showing the hows and whys of fighting food waste
Food waste rotting in landfills emits methane, a greenhouse gas that makes climate change worse. But an award-winning group of CFAES students is doing its part to fight the problem, starting at home on the Ohio State campus. Education and act (More)
Woodlot warriors: Your trees as fighters of climate change
Can the trees in your woods help battle climate change? Find out in a webinar by the Ohio Woodland Stewards Program, part of OSU Extension, CFAES’ outreach arm. It's from 10 a.m. to noon on Friday, (More)
Earth Day webinar: Soil as climate solution
Ever wonder what it will take to slow down the planet’s warming? The cause is excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and the answer might be right under our feet. A webinar set for Thursday, April 22, 1–2 p.m., hosted by the CFAES More)
America’s forests as climate solutions
In America’s fight to reduce carbon emissions, expanding and better managing the nation’s forests would be the cheapest and easiest steps to take. That’s according to new research by CFAES’ Brent Sohngen, who is slated as one of eight speakers (More)
CFAES sustainability news, April 9, 2021
Floating gardens as a way to keep farming despite climate change Ohio State News, March 31 More)
Trends that will shape us: Transportation
On April 7, I participated in a panel discussion at the Columbus Metropolitan Club; topic: Trends that Will Shape Us: Transportation. Other guests include Jack Marchbanks (Director, Ohio Department of Transportation) and Kevin Chambers (Managing Dire (More)
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