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Robotics Project (ENGR 1282.01H)
This is the robot my group and I designed, constructed, and operated for our honors fundamentals of engineering program in spring of 2020 at Ohio State Univer (More)
Happy City by Charles Montgomery
Reading Happy City by Charles Montgomery had a profound impact on my understanding of urban design and how the city makes us feel. I learned how much things like trusting your neighbors and having a short commute can make our communities brighter (More)
Second-Year Transformational Experience Program (STEP)
During my sophomore year, I participated in the Second-Year Transformational Experience Program (STEP). I attended weekly meetings during first semester with my cohort group and mentor (Ty Shepfer), completed professional development co-curricular pr (More)
Pittsburgh Trip
In October 2020, I traveled to Pittsburgh to meet up with a friend over fall break. Although this was not an explicitly educational experience, I observed a lot abou (More)
Interview with 10 Investigates: Sequel Pomegranate reopens under new name
Sequel Pomegranate resumes treating teens mo (More)
2021 Senior Spotlight
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Education in suicide prevention
Please refer to The Ohio State University Suicide Prevention Program for more info! (More)
Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholar
Along with applying for admission into The Ohio State University, I applied to the university's Honors and Scholars program. Once admitted, I chose to be a part of the (More)
Lessons Learned from Interning at the A. Sophie Rogers School for Early Learning
This semester I have had the privilege to assist in a preschool classroom at the A. Sophie Rogers School for Early Learning, the Ohio State lab school for children ages six-weeks through six years. For the last four months, I have spent 20 hours a we (More)
April Refelction
Something I learned in this class is how to save my money for my finances in the future. When learning about different types of savings for retirement can really impact my money situations for when I am in the workforce. Prioritizing where I spend my (More)
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