Post-Day 2


Just finished day 2, have seen Stonehenge, Old Sarum, and Salisbury Cathedral already. All very old structures but all very reavealing as to what went through people’s minds at the time when they were built!

Having a lot of fun and learning a lot at the same time! Still veryjet-lagged but getting used to it.

We see Chepstow Castle and Tinturn Abbey tomorrow and both will be very interesting!

Goodnight from Chepstow Wales!



About to Depart

Currently taking the ENGR 5797.13 class on the Columbus campus to get ready for the trip to Great Britain. I am almost finished with the campus portion of the class where I have been researching and preparing presentations on Harlech Castle in Northwest Wales.

Excited to visit and interact with the castle I have been researching so much!