Milestone #1: Pitching Project

Project Pitch


Overall, I prepared a very polished and professional project pitch. Visually, I used graphic design principles including contrast in the color and font choices, repetition of blue and gold as well as placement of text and icons, alignment of titles, text, and images, and proximity of like items. The visual presentation supported the spoken presentation, but did not include too much text or any confusing visuals. The information I provided was succinct, but important to the overall project pitch including the background of Carmel High School, the literature pertaining to the problem, and a solution that included learning outcomes, a project timeline, and a work breakdown structure. Some feedback I received from my advisor was to include some more information about the importance of web accessibility and include examples of web accessibility being useful for all people, not just those with a disability. One thing that I could have improved from the client meeting is that when I presented to the client, I used a laptop screen, so some of the text was rather small. In hindsight, I would have moved the meeting to a room that had a projector.