Milestone #2: M.O.U./Project Plan

Kick-off Meeting Minutes

Download: Lisa Carroll – Meeting Minutes

Memorandum of Understanding

Lisa Carroll_Practicum MOU


Our memorandum of understanding (MOU) clearly addressed all project outcomes. I spent a lot of time making sure that the project plan was comprehensive, so this document did not go through many revisions. One revision was the date of the final presentation as it must be completed before the end of the summer term. The client felt confident in the MOU, because she had already seen the project pitch, project plan, and work breakdown structure. I went through each part of the MOU with the client and asked if there were any questions or if any part needed clarification; however, she agreed with what was written. She did input when she would be unavailable during the summer and asked if other administrators could be present to the final presentation of materials which was agreed to. The final version did not diverge from what I thought it would be, because I had a good template and examples from which to work. I also already had a good idea of what the project would entail and when it needed to be completed by, so there were no special needs, stipulations, or conditions that needed to be negotiated. The most challenging part was finding a time to meet to go over the MOU and sign it and to coordinate signatures with parties that live in a different state.