Milestone #4: Final Product and Presentation to Client

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Web Accessibility Training Presentation


Setting up a date and time for the client presentation was fairly easy, because the client and I had decided early on in the project when the best timeframe would be to complete it. My client and two other administrators attended the presentation, including the associate principal. I made sure to have the materials and technology I needed in order to present in the conference room and arrived early to set up and start on time. 

The presentation went very smoothly. I wrote out my script in the speaker notes of my Slides and practiced a few times beforehand. I also have a good relationship with the three people who were present. My presentation and demonstration was about 20 minutes, then we had a question and answer portion for about five minutes, and finally they completed a feedback form at the end. The entire meeting was 30 minutes. I received really positive feedback from my clients. I covered all the information that they needed to know in the given time. One client did mention that they wanted to go through the deliverables more closely before making any implementation decisions, which was expected. The only critical feedback is that I talk very fast at times, and it may be beneficial to intentionally slow down, especially when the information is new. The questions and conversations at the end centered around implementation including using this training with new teachers at Carmel High School, which shows that they were satisfied with the scope and quality of the training.

There aren’t many changes that I would make to the presentation. In the future, I do not think it was necessary to explain the timeline and work breakdown structures again. It was beneficial, because two of the clients had not been involved from the beginning, but it was less applicable to them once the work was done. I could have spent a more time during the demonstration allowing them an opportunity to better view and interact with the deliverables on their own instead of just showing the pages on the projector. This would have made the presentation a bit more interactive and given the clients time to dig into the materials a bit deeper before discussing implementation strategies. Overall, the presentation went very well and I am happy with how it went.