Day 3

Day 3:

Today was another great day! We had really nice weather for our adventure out of Cologne into a nearby city named Bonn. Bonn was about a 20 minute train ride from Cologne so it was fun getting to experience the train for the first time. In Bonn we went to the Women’s museum and to the Beethoven museum which was also his house! The Women’s museum was a collection of art work done by women that started with a group of women coming together and forming an organization. Some of the art work was clearly made by women for women and other exhibits in the studio were by women, but not necessarily related to women’s issues. It was cool be able to experience both. The Beethoven museum was also very interesting, my favorite part was actually just looking at the house and considering that he lived and worked there. I think my favorite part of the day was definitely just walking around and experiencing Bonn, we had a fun lunch outside and took lots of pictures as we walked around. The city has a very positive and authentic feel which was fun to experience and contrast with Cologne.    

What surprised me today was how easy the public transportation was to figure out even in such a big group. I’m certainly glad I am with the group, but I have learned and would be considerably more confident in ability to get around in a city where I don’t speak the language. 

Today had a much smaller focus on the experiences of oppressed groups of people. Like I mentioned, a lot of the work in the women’s museum was related to women’s empowerment and equality but usually in a more abstract way, or just revealing more of the womens body than normal to potentially evoke a reaction. We did learn a lot about the first group of women who came together through writing letters and decided to ban together and form the group that eventually lead to the women’s right to elect. I thought an important aspect of this was that women of very high privilege were able to use their privilege for good in helping get all women more access to education and more rights. I thought this was positively similar to Kathe Kolowitz and her commitment to helping those less fortunate

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