Day 1

Day 1:


Today May 8th, after many hours of travel, we arrived in Cologne, Germany. 

We had some free time to put our things away and freshen up. Soon after our tour guide Nadia walked us around downtown Cologne showing us important monuments like Edith Stein and the tribute to the soldiers that wouldn’t shoot. She showed us some common hang out spots for young people, a few smaller churches, and the Kolner Dom. After walking up the Kolner Dom (over 500 steps!) and getting a tour of the inside we went to a nearby cafe. This was a quick stop before dinner with everyone in the program at Sunner. At Sunner they served what they called a shank (pork), mashed potatoes,and sour kraut. We each had a traditional German beer to go with our meal and delicious chocolate cake for dessert. It was a great day, however there’s no denying I was the most tired I have ever been by the end. 

Surprise: The big surprise for the day could probably be described as culture shock or experiencing a language barrier, but I didn’t realize how difficult common tasks might be. Lauren and I, went to get some shampoo and conditioner after dinner and could not for the life of us find the conditioner. We went to multiple isle and with the inability to look up words up on our phones we were really struggling. We ended up asking a woman near us and she was able to help. It just gave me perspective on how gracious this woman was in helping us and caused me to pause and reflect on how i might act to someone who doesn’t speak english. 

Theme: My theme, religion, started out strong today with the visit to the cathedral. I got a lot of good back ground facts/information on Germany and Colonge’s primary religions. Some key facts I took down:

-mostly catholic people in Cologne

-protestants started in germany 500 years ago 

-growing population of islam because of Turkish people

-not a divide amongst Germans, often don’t know what religion people are 

-in school they choose to take what religion classes they want  

-germany has a church tax, a certain amount of your tax go to your church. much fewer younger people are religions now

-they allow same sex weddings 

I’m going to use this information to continue drawing conclusions and learning more. 


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