What is Carmen Common Sense

In an age where the landscape of education is being changed by technology, many students often find that their classes are starting to integrate more with new online methods to assist the classroom. At the Ohio State University students find this integration in CarmenCanvas, a tool that helps bring the classroom to a more modern and connected level.

While this tool is supposed to make classes easier and more accessible as well as giving students a proper method to connect to the classroom outside of class the reality of the situation is different. The current reality of Carmen pages is a inconsistent and sometimes detrimental system. Between complicated storage of files to missing due dates, the inconsistencies on Carmen pages can often lead to not just to difficulties for students to learn but also unnecessary stress. The flip side is also true though, a well made and documented Carmen page can help a student to learn in a class and reduce stress.

After thinking of ways to fix this problem in Carmen usage to improve the quality of academics for students as OSU, USG worked with faculty, staff, and other students to make a list of 10 traits that exist in good Carmen pages, thus Carmen Common Sense was made.

The goal of Carmen Common Sense is to make Carmen a more comprehensible and useful tool that will help bolster the education of students at the Ohio State University.