IA Alumni Panel

9 November 2020

The event I attended this evening was through zoom and facilitated by a second-year IA student. It had a panel of former IA students who have since then moved on to graduate school, careers, and/or international trips. I learned a lot about how their years at OSU and being involved in the IA program helped them get to the position they are now. I found it very helpful how each panelist described what they were involved in, and how each commitment led to a certain path.

This event was important for me to attend for my majors, International Relations and Spanish, because it showed me how people with similar interests and focuses chose to make use of their time at OSU. It also helped show me how my career interests post-graduation are not limited and there are so many different paths I can take. I now know where I can focus and work hard to get.

This event relates to IA because not only did it involve panelists who were previous IA scholars, but the discussions and questions revolved around how IA scholars led to their careers, school endeavors, and critical connections. In the realm of international affairs, it is important to be connected and knowledgeable about your specific focus and options, and this event provided me with information regarding all of these subjects. I am grateful for the opportunity to hear from these alumni, and will probably try to connect with them in the near future!

Pandemic Prevention and US Foreign Policy

19 November 2020

The event I attended tonight was unlike any OSU event I attended before. The discussion was hosted by the OSU Mershon Center for international security studies, and the speaker was Juliette Kayyem, a Harvard professor! The event was held on zoom, and many of the participants were grown adults, other scholarly professors, and knowledgeable people in the field of security studies.

Kayyem discussed issues regarding the pandemic, and how it relates to national security in the U.S. We got an insight into the timeline of the virus, the strengths and weaknesses of the world precautions, and how the foreseeable future will be handled with lockdowns and the vaccine. I found this event super interesting and informational, especially since so little is know about the virus. It was fascinating to hear about the ways the U.S. took precautions and tried to contain the virus, all while dealing with the fact that the issue became partisan. I learned a lot about how the future may look, including immunization cards everywhere you go, and the continuation of mask-wearing.

This event relates to IA because it is an international issue affecting everyone. The way the countries in the world reacted and took actions reflected how the situation was handled as a whole. Every country played a part, and all bounced off each other. The matter of national security was important to gain a deeper perspective on and changed how wide my view of national threats are.

I  am majoring in International Relations, but I  have been very interested in National Security lately. This event further emphasized my interest in the sector of international studies, and how I would handle/work in homeland security. I now know that I would deeply enjoy working for the security of the country and relations between other countries during international crises.

Global Engagement Night: Networking Abroad

Global Engagement Night

20 October 2020

The event I attended tonight was about networking. The presenters were OSU sophomores, and about 15 people attended via zoom. As a college freshman, I don’t have much experience with networking, especially with networking abroad. That being said, I knew this event would be important for me to attend now and for my future.

I learned a lot through this event. First, we had a breakout room where we discussed if we had prior internships or jobs, relating to our resumes. This helped me see where my resume compared to other people my age, and where my strengths and weaknesses are. Then we watched a presentation on ways to get connected to people nationally and internationally. I  learned about, handshake, and resumes.

This event related to IA because it gave me many ways to get involved and connected internationally, which is something I will be needing to do if I want to pursue a career in international affairs. Especially with COVID19 and technology in general, it is of the utmost importance that I understand how to connect with people around me.

As for my majors, International Relations and Spanish, this event helped me find ways to communicate and get jobs post-college. Along with this, it helped me realize that I don’t have to wait until I graduate to start connecting. I can begin talking to alumni and working to get internships now! All around, I’m very happy I attended this event and got to learn so much about international connections!



OIA Global Engagement Night: Latin American Art

Global Engagement Night

12 October 2020

The event I attended this week was very informative and creative. It was a virtual event held through zoom and included about 15 people. The host was a student at Ohio State who had researched the topic presented and created the presentation. The topic discussed was on Latin American art specifically. We had discussions, played pictionary, and took notes on the presentation.

I really enjoyed this event! As a double major in Spanish and International Studies, this was the perfect opportunity for me to learn more about Latin American history and apply it to art. My mom went to art school as well, so it was a combination of my interests and what my mom had tried to show me throughout my childhood. I learned a lot about famous Hispanic artists like Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Francisco Goya. I  also learned about the Mexican Civil War and how the art made during that era was extremely significant in shaping people’s views, along with governmental choices.

I was not taught a lot about Latin American history in high school, so I  was very appreciative of this opportunity to learn more in-depth about Latin American history, specifically that of Mexico and their Civil War.

This relates to IA in many ways. Firstly, the event tied history and art through thorough examinations of specific pieces. I was able to see how art was able to influence wars and opinions on government choices. It provided new aspects to periods in history that I  was not as familiar with.

Service Spotlight: Students for Justice

24 September 2020

Diewo’s Service Spotlight Presentation (Zoom), 6:30 pm

The event I attended last night is very paramount for the upcoming election and future events. As present by Diewo, a fellow IA scholar, I  learned about ways I could help unbeknownst deregistered voters become registered again in time for the upcoming election.

She began the presentation by explaining how thousands of people, specifically in rural populations, are being purged from voter rolls. The people are being deregistered with no warnings or reminders, so when they try to vote, they can’t. This is a major form of voter suppression.

After this, we began to discuss the work we could do to help, and how it has already helped so many people. In order to aid in getting these people registered, one of the tasks is writing postcards as a reminder to register. Diewo explained that by doing this in the past, voter registration went up 35%. Along with this, 185,000 calls were made to the deregistered voters, and 65% of those calls resulted in votes.

In the age of COVID and the major upcoming election,  I believe that reaching out to these people is of the utmost importance. It is vital that everyone who can vote, should. My biggest concern is the postcards arriving on time to register, but I believe with the rural states we are hitting, they will arrive on time for their respective deadlines.

This event relates to IA because voting in America does not just affect America, but the world. Who we as citizens decide to put in power directly dictates how our affairs will be handled in the international sphere. By making sure all votes are heard, we can truly put someone in power that the majority of US citizens want to face the world.


Present-Day Native American and Indigenous Peoples

17 September 2020 via Zoom, 6:00 pm

Ohio Union Activities Board

The event I attended this week was something that has been of interest to me for most of my life. Presented by Monica Lewinsky, the zoom event focused on present-day Native American and Indigenous Peoples, primarily in the United States.  The program started with a video of modern Native Americans discussing and debunking common misconceptions about their cultures, government assistance, and tribes. Mrs. Lewinsky then proceeded to talk about the history of Native American removal, displacement, abuse, and assimilation. She even discussed how Ohio State was built on Native land. By discussing the history first, she was able to provide enough context to explain modern day Native American cultural values, government programs, and tribal sovereignty. 

I have always been interested in the modernization of their societies, since it is something that many schools fail to teach. I  had learned previous historical events in high school including things like the Treaty of Greenville and Manifest Destiny, but I never learned how these events tied to how reservations work today. It was also interesting to learn how many reservations today have their own governments, but still communicate heavily with the United States government.

Professionally, this event was extremely important for me to learn about. I plan to major with a focus in Latin America, where there are many Indigenous peoples. Although this event only briefly touched on areas outside of the United States, the concepts I learned about the cultural values all Indigenous Peoples hold will be vital for me to know in my work life.

This event relates to IA in many ways. Indigenous Peoples live all over the world and have endured so much throughout the history of the earth. Many lands, concepts, wars, and modern-day societal features would not exist without them. There are also many conflicts in society today that have to due with Native American lands being put in harms way again. I noticed that this event related to the coursework in my class on Costa Rican Agriculture. We studied how the Indigenous Peoples of Costa Rica used sustainable practices to the best of their abilities, and helped contribute to the start of successful agriculture there.