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Here are a few job opportunities and/or potentially inspiring articles:


Big Math Network: site

Are you seeking a BIG career? Check out this site packed with resources.


Coding bootcamp at the University of Minnesota: info  

This is a summer school aiming to introduce some intriguing mathematics arising from data science. The topics plan to cover a wide range of subjects and tools in probability theory and mathematical physics, especially addressing their applications in data science.




Hedge Funds: From Mathematician to Investment Banker

Check out this article in the Wallstreet Journal: site, pdf
The Making of the World’s Greatest Investor
“Jim Simons was a middle-aged mathematician… who knew little about finance.
He had to overcome his own doubts to turn Wall Street on its head.”




Location: Columbus, OH
Job Title: Cyber Security Mathmatician
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Location: Oakland, CA & Pittsburgh, PA
Job Title: Summer Intern or Early Career Data Scientist
Description: Turnitin is looking for a great summer intern or early career data scientist to help build machine learning into the world’s largest EdTech platform. They use th elatest technology, advanced applied mathematics and statistics to answer cutting edge natural language processing, social sciences, and machine adided learning science questions and large scales.
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