Operations Council Introduction

Welcome to the OSUWMC Interventional and Medical Cardiology Operations Council Website.  We hope you visit often, offer your opportunities for improvement and help us gain momentum to create a positive change not only for our patients, but each other as well.

This is one of seven Operations Council developed at the Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital.  These councils report to the senior leadership with the Heart and Vascular Center Executive Council.   The purpose is to establish grassroots movements to identify initiatives for ensuring appropriate allocation of resources and implementation of measurable strategies for these desired positive changes.

In short – problems, solutions and progress are to come from talented hands and minds of the whole team that performs the day-to-day care of the patients.  This Operations Council is a multidisciplinary group representing a small part of the team in the these efforts to gain buy-in and input for potential positive changes on the service to improve patient experiences and outcomes.